Learning TikTok Dances Made Easy.

These simple Tiktok Dance Tutorial videos will enable you to increase your FYP Viral and Trending Dances knowledge and make the most of your creator account by using TikTok Dances for your content.

It’s a proven fact that VIRAL DANCE VIDEOS are the best way to PUMP UP your Tiktok follower count, so you want to learn and record the latest TikTok Trend Dances to attract more and more viewers and retain the followers for long time.

Should I Learn TikTok Dances?

Yes. If you want to get more followers and views on Tiktok, creating Dance Videos is a proven strategy to get great engagement, more likes and followers. You should learn Tiktok dances to have fun and be creative, not just for likes and follows though.

Reach Millions of Tiktok Users around the Globe with Viral Dance Videos

Drive more users to your other platforms like Youtube and Instagram.

Get Sponsored Brand Deals to start making Tiktok a source of income.

Strengthen friendships with your audience and start going live.

Get higher view counts from your TikTok content creation efforts.

About Me

I 'm Alex a Tiktok Creator with over 10 years of experience in Digital Platforms.

Well, it’s time for you to start getting the most out of TikTok Creation. I know you’ll love this site and the free content to help you grow your Tiktok Follower Count and Likes with Every video.

I have used TikTok to make six figures consistently through brand partnerships in behind the scenes marketing and ads. 


I have figured the hook around making a video generate lots of sales and brand awareness and can guarantee that creating Tiktok Viral Dance Videos will make you successful on the platform. I find it very easy to come up with video ideas that go viral by just staying current on the FYP and being quick to grab analytics on video trends. 


I love seeing new creators find success and a lot of people my age are finally finding the joy of tiktok as well.


While being a creator may not be for me, I love computer science and helping others find their start on growing their tiktok.

Additionally, if you are a Brand owner and are looking to grow your business on Tiktok, I have a premium course available that guides you through Marketing and Sales step by step. 


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Sample Tiktok Marketing Course Videos

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Olivia Holmes

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Maria Anna

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