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About Me

I am Nicole, a professional
dancer with over 10 years
of experience. I’m a Tiktok Video Creator and love dancing.

Tiktok dances can be confusing and hard to learn. I created Your Tiktok Guide for people of all ages to enjoy Tiktok more and be able to learn popular dances to make great content on the latest trends and feel included.

In our blog section we post the original tiktok dances made by the creator, a YouTube example with Dance instructions and some information about how to do the dance and some tips on making it look amazing. Hope you enjoy our free tiktok dance video tutorials and that you’ll be able to learn how to do tiktok dances and have lots of fun creating on your account too!

Learn New TikTok Dances

Easy Tiktok Dance steps to follow

Free Instructions on how to do the Latest Tiktok Dance Trends for your account!

Professional Tiktok Dance Creators

We feature tutorials on how to do tiktok dances made by the biggest creators on the platform. Learn to dance step by step from the best.

Upcoming Tiktok Dances

Your search may have Brought you to learn a specific dance for your FYP. However, while you’re here browse the latest TikTok dance trends and get ready to make content that will go viral soon and earn you more organic followers. #fyp #dontletthisflop

What Our Users say about YourTiktokGuide.Com

“I ain’t never been with a baddie, that dance was confusing me hard. I’m really glad I found your site because it had the original video, the YouTube tutorial and some helpful tips all on one spot. I also learned a couple new dances this week. Thank you for making this!”

Olivia Holmes

“I felt really uncoordinated and stiff and was embarrassed to even try dances like the Jerk around my friends. I watched a couple video examples and it turns out it is actually pretty easy. Very helpful, thanks.”

Julia Moore

“I love learning new dances for my tiktok ever since I made one and it kinda blew up overnight. I’m not famous or anything but I like to browse the new dances on here and get ideas for my next post.”

Roberto Lopez

“I just learned the Need to Know dance and was practicing in the kitchen and my little sister freaked out. She’s begging me to teach her now LOL”

Maria Anna

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